Eligibility Rules

  1. Only bonafide, full time student, who is enrolled for a degree or post graduate degree or diploma course of a minimum duration of one academic year and whose examination is conducted by the University subsequent to passing of the 12th class examination will be held eligible.          
  • Students of open Universities shall be considered to bebonafide students and shall be eligible to participate provided they fulfill other terms and conditions. However, students enrolled in correspondence course in Institute / Centers of Universities, casual students, external students and students pursuing bridge courses shall not be eligible.
  1.  All students participating in the Inter University Youth Cultural Activities shall fulfill the following conditions:
  • Not more than 7 years have elapsed since a student passed the examination qualifying him/her for first admission to a degree or diploma course of a University or collegeaffiliated to a University.
  • Only students, who are less than 25 years of age as on 1st July of every academicyear in which activity is held, can participate.
  • Further, students can participate for one year more than the normal length of the Academicprogramme which he / she is pursuing.

Disqualification for Violation of Eligibility Rules


  •  Any disqualification of a participant on the ground of ineligibility may result in theautomatic scratching of the contingent for that academic year. The contingent may also bedebarred from participating in the Youth Cultural Activities to be held in the following years.





  1. Strength of Contingent: Maximum 40 per University :Note: Accompanists would preferably be the students, who will be given participation certificates. However, outsiders may be allowed if suitable students are not available.
  2. Participating universitiesare strongly requested not to bring any extra person. No extra person shall beentertained at any cost.
  3. Contingent In charge:Participating University shall send a maximum of two persons as contingent. In charge/Team manager, who will maintain a liaison with the organizing committee of the host University. Lady Team manager is essential for girl participants.Officials will be included in the contingent of 40.
  4. Identity Card : Identity Cards with photographs signed by the appropriate authorities by the respective University should be carried by the participants.
  5. University Flags &Trophies:The contingent leader shall have to deposit his/her two University flags with the host University. Last year winners and runners shall bring the rotating trophies with them.
  6. Travelling Expenses:The participating University will have to bear the travelling expenses. University may avail of Railway concession if they desire, as festivals are a part of the National Integration camp scheme.
  7. Food:Food shall be provided from the afternoon of 1st December, 2019 till the dinner time on the 6th December, 2019.
  8. Boarding & Lodging: Free board and lodging would be provided for the participation in The Indradhanushya Youth Festival. Participating troupes from the universities could behoused as guests in student’s hostels, utilizing common rooms, verandahs, etc.
  9. Clothing:It is advised that sufficient warm bedding, blankets, woolen clothes,medicines and locks etc. should be brought by the contingent. The participants andofficials are advised to get inoculated against cholera and typhoid.
  10. Discipline : If the behaviour of any contingent is found contrary to the objectives of thefestivals the host University may take suitable action against members concerned and anindividual / team be debarred from participation in the future youth festivals. No officialor any member University shall go to press on any controversial issue. Consumption ofliquor, Eve Teasing, influencing the adjudicators, indecent behavior inside the campusand venue is strictly prohibited. Those violating this clause shall be liable to disciplinaryaction which may be to the extent of debarring the concerned University Team.
  11. Stamp Size Photos: Two stamp Size photographs of each participant, accompanists andofficial delegates are required to be sent to the host University in advance RULES
  • A cultural Procession/ March past of participating Universities shall be organized on inaugural day before the formal inaugural ceremony. Participating Teams are requiredto bring their flags/Banners placards for this event.
  • Participating teams are also advised to bring their Local / Regional Costumes for thepurpose of reflecting their culture in cultural Procession/ March past.
  • Participating Universities are informed that the use of fireworks/ arms is strictlyprohibited. However, if it is unavoidable for cultural performance, their imitationmay be used with the prior permission of the organizing committee.
  • Recorded music/ audio cassettes are not permitted during the Folk/ Tribal andClassical dance.
  • A sum of Rs.1000/- refundable caution money shall be deposited by each team at thetime of Registration.
  • The cost of any loss of stores/ damage to the property issued butnot returned shall be deducted out of it.



Documents Required for Registration


For University

  • Proforma I (Contingent Break Up)
  • Proforma IV (Event-wise Participation)
  • Proforma V (Event-wise Entry)


For Students

  • Proforma II (Curriculum Vitae of Participant/Accompanist) (Original)
  • Proforma III (Eligibility Certificate for Participant/Accompanist) (Original)
  • Identity Card of Academic Year: 2019-20 (Original and Photocopy)
  • Fees Receipt:2019-20 (Original and Photocopy)
  • HSC Marksheet (Photocopy)
  • School Leaving Certificate or SSC Passing Board Certificate (Photocopy)
  • Marksheets of all previous standards/classes (Photocopy)
  • Undertaking and Responsibility Certificate (Original)

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