1.  One Act Play

  • Only one entry shall be accepted from each Institution/ colleges .
  • The duration of the play should not exceed 30 minutes.
  • Time will be counted as soon as the signal is given or the team starts givingintroduction, whichever is earlier. Empty stage to empty stage shall be followedstrictly, for stage setting and removal of set and properties, maximum 10 minutes willbe given after taking charge of the stage.
  • The number of participants should not exceed nine and the maximum number of accompanists should not exceed three. The participating teams shall bring their ownset/ stage property, make up material etc. Lights and general property such as ordinaryFurniture may be provided on advance information.
  • Participants may speak in Hindi, English or Marathi.
  • The participating team/team manager must report to the In-charge of the competitionat least one hour before the commencement of the competition.
  • Judgment will most likely be based on the qualities of the play like theme, work onacting, stagecraft, design and general impression etc.
  • Accompanists will either speak from the background or will play upon musicalInstruments for background music. They shall not appear on the stage.


        2.  Skit

  • Only one team per institute will be allowed.
  • Maximum of six participants are allowed in this event.
  • Maximum time allotted for each team is 10 minutes.
  • Use of make-up, drapery and background music is allowed. No personal remarks,aspersions, character assassination etc. are allowed.
  • Participating team should submit three copies of the synopsis/ theme of Skit, at thetime of registration.
  • The item will be judged basically on the qualities like theme, work on acting,stagecraft, design and general impression.
  • Vulgarity or bitter insinuations in presentation should be avoided. Only innocentsatire or humour is expected.


          3. Mime

  • Only one entry per institute will be entertained.
  • Maximum of six participants are allowed in this event.
  • Judgment will most likely be based on the qualities like idea, creativity of presentation, use of make-up, music and general impression.
  • Duration of performance shall be maximum 5 minutes.
  • Maximum two accompanists are allowed.
  • It is desirable to perform wearing white/black skintight dresses, faces painted andwith raised eyebrows and broadened lips.


        4.  Mimicry

  • Only one entry per institution is allowed.
  • Each student artist shall be given maximum 5 minutes
  • Participants may mimic sound of machines and voices of well-known personalitiesetc. including film personalities.
  • Marking will be based on:
    • Skill of imitation.
    • Variety of sounds and voices imitated,
    • Presentation.

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